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        “Check your writing 檢查文法”

        Make sure the email is free of grammar and punctuation errors. It tends to
        look less professional if it's rife with mistakes, which may mean your email
        won't be taken seriously.


        “Stay professional but friendly 語氣專業且友好 ”

        Watch the tone of your email. Make sure you keep it professional but
        friendly. And remember not to go overboard with the friendliness. Stay clear of
        emoticons, an excessive amount of exclamation marks, and capitalizing words for
        emphasis — you're not a used-car salesman.


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        “Keep it short 保持簡短”

        Try to be as brief as you can. If the person does not know you, she is less
        likely to spend time reading your email. If you keep your emails short, she's
        more likely to get through the whole email.


        “Be specific主題明確”

        You're writing the email for a reason, so you should be clear about your
        goals. It's even helpful to be specific in the subject line as well, says a
        former Google recruiter. Using bullet points may also help you get your point
        across more quickly and help the reader figure out what you want.


        “Don't bombard 不要發很多郵件狂轟濫炸”

        If you haven't received a response, don't keep sending multiple emails in
        hopes that the person will finally cave. Instead, spread your emails out and
        limit them. Follow up one week after the initial email, and if you still haven't
        heard back, send the third email two weeks later. And if no one responds to your
        third email, it's time to switch gears and try something else. Also, if a person
        says that they will get back to you if they are interested, you should probably
        wait for them to get back to you.


        If the email is not working, try other means such as interacting with her on
        social media or meeting in person. Remember, there is a fine line between being
        persistent and a pest, so do your best to toe that line.


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